who we are


MediaWeb India was formed in 1996 by a group of experts from diverse fields like the Internet, graphic art, photography, advertising and marketing,
web design and software development.

The company fills a niche for creation of well-designed, high-impact content managed systems and database driven solutions, especially in the
digital asset management area with a strong leaning towards online photography searchable database and delivery solutions.



Media Web’s unique Web-based digital workflow gives you the tools to easily manage, market and sell your images. Through Media Web you’ll
have a personalized online photo archive as powerful as that of a large agency. All for a low monthly fee. You control how, where, and when to
share or sell your images.Some of our members use the Media Web system purely to minimize their workflow and syndicate to agencies. Others
leverage the system to sell their images directly to buyers. Many do both. Our system is 100% digital and cross-platform and will automatically
scale to store all of your images. We provide personalized branding features to photographers, photo agencies, art schools, imaging hardware
companies and the news media. Media Web is Internet-based, so there is no software for you to download or configure. The system is both
PC- and Mac-compatible. As a Media Web customer, you have a fully automated and easy-to-use online service from any Internet-connected
computer in the world. We provide extensive online help and tips throughout the system, and our veteran team of engineers, editors and
photographers are available to you via online support.

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